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Monday, August 31, 2009

I know this is not supposed to be an annual thing about posting, but I swear I did not realize that a year had gone by. This last year has seen many positive things happen for the program, so I want to bring the Blog up to date.
First, and probably best of all, we are now a weekly program. For the first 8+ years we were on every other week, and that was fine. But to finally become a weekly program makes all the difference. With over 180 past programs in the Archive, all of which are unique topics, it gives us a deeper connection to time as it passes so quickly. I produce a new topic every other program and bring pertinent past programs back on the other two weeks. Nine and a half years on the air is almost the time each of our generations has progressed half way to the next age group. If you were 20 in our first year, you are now almost 30...still young, but your life is certainly different at 30 isn't it? Another great aspect of bringing older topics back, is that we have a chance to actually hear the changes, even in that short time, for some of our relevant topics. For example, we recently rebroadcast a program on Health Insurance and tomorrow we bring back a program on Prescription Drugs. Both programs originally aired in 2003. With all the talk in Washington and around the country on Health Care Reform, it is very interesting to listen to what my guests were saying about those topics back then.
We have also increased our Podcast coverage on Itunes and PRX. All of our programs are taped and usually are about 50 minutes long. For many, they do not have time to stay tuned for an hour program. I edit down to 29 minutes and Pocast the longer version for those who really want to hear more. Those Podcasts are available at
I hope you can join us every Tuesday at 7 PM CDT on KUAR FM89 and we stream live on the web at