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Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's been a while since my last posting from our program topics. The truth is that when you produce a Public Radio program, find the guests, tape and edit the program, post the Podcasts and then still have a day job...blogging sort of gets put on the back burner, if you know what I mean.
I do want to share my thoughts though on 3 of our recent topics. If you have listened to any of our Podcasts then you know that our program is dedicated to the preservation of comparative generational thought. Our topics run the gamut from silly to serious.
In this blog I want to focus on 3 of our recent topics.
These 3 are very important and I did have a method to my madness.
Back in June, on the 3rd we did a program on Oil. On the 17th our topic was Population and on the 1st of July our topic was Pollution. These Podcasts are still posted, by the way and you can listen to them at and click on Podcasts. Or you can get them off itunes too.
Anyway, taken together these 3 topics represent, in my mind, the problems and solutions to the future for all generations. Kind of a bold statement, right? Here's why I say that.
Oil is the one of the most important reasons we are about to ruin our planet. We waste it, we fight over it, we pollute with it...and without it the world's economies would fail.
Population, and overpopulation, is the cause of our eventual demise. No one wants to admit it, but if we would control population growth we could possibly prolong the inevitable...but we won't and we can't. So I will go ahead and tell you what I think. The final truth to why the human race will destroy our life on this planet, no matter how you look at it, is overpopulation.
Now the proof of my contention is in the last of the three programs...Pollution!
I don't need to reiterate the lists of pollutants and those who do the polluting. We all know them by now. The point is that oil is the driving resource that every nation needs, seeks, and builds it's economy around. Oil and its products are the main pollutants. And the ever increasing demand by an overpopulated world will not slow down, no matter what we try. We might slow it all down a little, but eventually the overpopulated world will collapse on itself. What then???

My guests for all three programs brought our very good points and I think you will enjoy the programs. However, no one wants to admit the obvious...we, as a species, are responsible for this mess. I am reminded of the words of Bertrand Russell when he said, 'Since the beginning of time, man has committed every folly for which he has been capable." We have, haven't we? And we still do!!