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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Air Date: 1-15-08

Guests: Older Generation – Dr. Larry Holland – UALR Prof. Finance

Middle Generation – Bob Williams – Senior V.P./Managing Director

Delta-Trusts Investments

Younger Generation- Jason Holland – triple major at UALR – Financing,

Accounting and Economics

Phil’s Thoughts:

This was a great topic to begin our 8th year on the air. If you haven’t heard the Podcast you should because we covered many very relevant areas affecting all the generations. I was most impressed in listening to the middle and younger generation guests as they spoke about their respective generation’s willingness to save. That may be true, but by all accounts I have heard, we are not saving as a nation, no matter which generation you consider.

Dr. Holland recounted how the older generation has always saved no matter what. I think that is essential…the life long commitment to save. Even though I know that is true and commendable, I can’t help but think that a great deal of that commitment comes from FEAR. Fear of total loss as they actually experienced and no other generation has. Bob Williams recounted how the middle generation, while knowing about the need to save, has not saved enough. Jason Holland, while himself aware of the need to save, sees his generation preferring to use credit as a savings tool.

All three, but especially the older generation, are aware of the devastating impact health care crushes savings. All three are aware and stated emphatically that saving, no matter how much you think you might have saved, is not enough.

My thought, after hearing their discussion, is that we have chosen immediate lifestyle comforts over responsible preparation for our extended life span. Even the older generation has become dependant on being saved by medicare. The middle generation has become dependant on passing the costs to the future and the younger generation has become dependant on the charge card.

As bad as it sounds to say, I fear for the future generations, who will have to suffer the most when, not only will they not be able to afford to save anything at all, but the supporting social structures, which we now abuse, will be totally dismantled. As anyone who has ever been late on a payment knows…sooner or later the phone rings or someone comes to the door and demands payment…or repossession. We have to ask ourselves as a nation…who is going to demand payment or who will repossess us?