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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Topic – Pornography

Date Aired – 6-20-06

Guests –

Older Generation: Dr. Joseph Slade – Author- Pornography In America, & Pornography and Sexual Representation: A Reference Guide – 3 Vols. – Athens, Ohio
Middle Generation: Jan La Rue – Chief Counsel & Legal Studies Director for - Concerned Women for America - author – Protecting Your Child in an X-Rated World – Washington, D.C.
Younger Generation: Ben Shapiro – author – Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth & Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future

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Comments from Phil –

Here are several postings related to our program on Pornography. My guests are so steeped in understanding this volatile topic and they have produced many very relevant articles. I wanted to post them here for your information. Please check the website for the longer version of the actual program. – click on Podcast and then Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. We record a much longer version, sometimes well over an hour. Our KUAR broadcast is half an hour in length, but this additional material is mainly overflow from our exuberance and the fact that there is so much material to cover.

After editing the long version down to the half hour format for YTT in Little Rock, I can only tell you that there is so much more great information on the Podcast, which is over an hour in length.
I came away from the program with the perception that Pornography means roughly the same thing to each generation and that child porn is by far the most reprehensible form. Additionally, each guest warns that as time goes on, child porn, if not controlled, will seed very destructive outcomes for our society in the future.
As you might expect, the older generation, having not had the ready access to porn that the younger generation has, is not as disturbed and in some circles may even feel a little left out when it comes to prurient satisfaction. The middle generation is caught in between a youth where anything went and a mature adulthood where they now see that when everything goes…often what comes back in later years is not so wonderful after all.
And for me…the most alarming thing about this topic is that the younger generation is so very de-sensitized to the problem of porn…they really don’t see the problem.

Generational Breakdown: Pornography

GI’s – 1901-1924 - Porn was not as available and was not a problem – those who are still alive today, really have not had their society influenced by a porn problem.
SILENT – 1925-1942 – did not see a social change and had no real reason to be alarmed by a growing problem introduced as they raised their children.
BOOMERS – 1943-1960 – brought on the ‘sexual revolution’ and discarded the norms of the GI and Silent generations. Loosened the reigns on their children and allowed porn easy access to technological advances. They became the first generation to be addicted to porn as we know it today.
X’ers – 1961-1981 – Today’s rising adults who are beginning to react to the uncontrolled porn society. These adults, some of whom are OK with porn and others who are very disturbed, will endure throughout their lives the struggles porn has brought to our culture and they will probably not be able to control it.
Millennials -1982-2000 – Young adults who are more like the GI’s in the sense that their civic response will, hopefully, thrust them into a real control of porn. They will most certainly try! Just look at how well these young people are serving our nation in these troubles times.

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