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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Topic Homosexuality

Air Date 10-25-07

Guests: Older Generation - Norman Jones - owner 'Backstreet' an 'Discovery' - gay bars
Middle Generation- Randi Romo - Director of CAR - lesbian
Younger Generation - Timothy Kessler - Miss Gay Little Rock America

Phil's thoughts on the program:

Phil’s thoughts….

On the topic of Homosexuality, I must admit that I was a little unsure about how this program would be received. As I noted in the introduction to the program, this is one of the more controversial topics we have discussed and no matter what was said, there were sure to be many who agreed and just as many, if not more, who disagreed with the comments of the guests.
As with all our topics though, ours is really not a debate format…ours is a mature discussion with guests who are actively involved in whatever the topic may be. We do point out areas of controversy or disagreement, but our goal is to let the guests from those areas and particular generations, speak from those perspectives and generations. The comparative process is better served that way, I believe. And on top of that, I really believe that the listener can decide his or her own belief about the topic.

OK…as to what I gained from the discussion…first, I was amazed and surprised that each of the guests really did not see attitudes toward homosexuals changing as we go forward into the next few generations. For the most part they stated that prejudices and negativity would remain about as it always has been. With all the exposition of homosexuals in our media and everyday lives, I would have expected them to say that the future would no doubt be brighter for homosexuals. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
The other area of the discussion that sort of surprised me was the impact religion has had on homosexuality over the generations. Each of the guests spoke about how, in their early years, their respective religions were very influential on their lives. Even today they speak of having a personal faith despite the various ‘churches leaving them and not them leaving their churches’.
Overall, it was a very cordial, open and passionate discussion of some of the more important issues facing homosexuals today. If you didn’t hear the program, you can download the Podcast at by clicking on Podcasts or if you are into itunes, the podcast is there too. That is the longer version with lots of material you might enjoy on the topic from these 3 fine guests.