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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well...since I have been on the air in Little Rock for over 4 years now, I am finding new ways to expand the programs reach. My first publishing to the blog was back in February of 2004 and that was basically on a, what's this do? As of right now I have produced 68 programs that cover all kinds of topics. Ours is a comparative generational discussion program and I try to stay way back in the background as far as my thoughts and opinions go...but I woke up early this morning (4:00 am) and thought...why not put my opinions on the blog? So from here on out I will post my personal thoughts on our topics here. I hold my tongue several times because public radio is often thought to be liberally biased(a thought I do not share) and more often than not I probably do have a liberal philosophy, but hey, most progressive ideas begin as liberal thoughts and are processed over time by patience and conservative considerations and finally end up as good advances...take Social Security...started out as a liberal idea, was pooh poohed by conservatives and now has been tweeked over the years to the point that no one in their right mind would want to totally eliminate it. Anyway...after each new program, I'll share (or vent!) my own thoughts. Maybe you'll want to share your thoughts too. By the way, you can listen to the latest program by going to and click on 'Listen to the latest program' that will give you a Real Audio version of the program that is actually longer than that which was aired. The next topic is Suicide, which will air 12/7/04 and you can add your comments to the program by checking the topic questions on the website above.