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Monday, July 31, 2006

Topic – Physical Fitness

Date Aired – 8-1-06

Guests –

Older Generation: Nash Abrams (82)
Middle Generation: Phyllis Hodges
Younger Generation: Jean-Paul Franceour

Links – Jean-Paul Franceour’s site is nationally recognized for fitness related internet group Forums -

Phyllis Hodges founded Fit-4-Life Wellness Center –

Comments from Phil –

I must admit that this topic really leaves one with the undeniable truth that as a society we have seen better days. Nash Abrams, speaking from the older generation, related that his generation lived a lifestyle that was totally consistent with good, normal physical fitness. From diet and exercise to just plain living habits, his generation has built a life with fitness in mind…even in their senior years.
The middle generation not only capitalized on the modern conveniences they were presented with, they passed on to their own children an even more addictive lifestyle that relegated physical fitness to TV shows and celebrity personalities.
I must agree with Nash and Jean-Paul that unless some extreme event necessitates changes similar to the starkness of the older generation’s earlier years…our younger generation will not age with physical fitness standards sufficient to sustain long lives. They have not been given a sustainable lifestyle and that is the bottom line!!!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Topic – Balancing Work & Family - Women

Date Aired – 7-18-06

Guests –

Older Generation: Billie Anne Myers – Pres. Ark. AARP
Middle Generation: Leslie Morgan Steiner – Author – “Mommy Wars” – writer, Washington Post – ‘On Balance’

Younger Generation: Laura Cameron – listener who suggested program topic – Civil Engineer –mother

Links –

Comments from Phil –
What I came away with is the strong impression that each generation has had to address the need to seek balance with the pragmatic reality that it probably won’t be achieved. The older generation faced demands that gave them little choice, the middle generation was given the opportunity to open new choices and the younger generation is now adapting these choices to a very demanding lifestyle. No generation has achieved Balance, but as the word itself implies…it’s a back and forth. Who knows what the next few generations will face? I only hope they have the same optimism and desire to try.

Please check Leslie Morgan Steiner’s site if you would like to learn more about this topic. She has some great information.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Topic – Balancing Work and Family - Men

Date Aired – 7-4-06

Guests –

Older Generation: Homer Jones (83)
Middle Generation: Keith Hammonds
Younger Generation: Perry Steiner

Links – Keith Hammonds -

Perry Steiner -

Comments from Phil –
Let me start with a little inside radio – when we taped this program Homer Jones was in the studio and Keith Hammonds and Perry Steiner joined us by phone. As we were getting ready, Homer was having a little problem hearing the other guests. I tried to turn the volume up and our engineer Travis Hill came in and tried a few other buttons. We finally asked Homer to try his hearing aids – ahhh that seemed to help. We taped the program and when it was all done I looked at the wave file. I couldn’t believe it…Keith and Perry were fine and their levels were great, but Homer and I were just noise! How could this have happened? What happened? Travis came in and we tried to find the glitch…nothing…everything was just fine and we couldn’t figure out why part of the file was fine and the other was trash. Then we kind of looked at each other at the same time and realized that the only thing out of the ordinary was Homer’s hearing aid. We were puzzled, so Travis Googled ‘hearing aid interference’ and sure enough…that was it. You would think that someone would have known that hearing aids set up interference inside the headphones that nullifies a signal….but we didn’t…now we do. So if you listen to the Podcast and wonder why there seems to be a little weirdness…now you know. We all learned something from this taping.

As to the topic itself…as a Boomer myself, I have always thought, even from my earliest adult years, that finding a working balance for family and work was essential. Too bad life didn’t always cooperate! If you listen to the Podcast and Homer Jones from the older generation, you will hear how for many men, we want to have a balance, but are often forced to prepare for extended periods of time where we are anything but balanced. In our program we found ourselves coming back to the priorities of work and survival. One of the more interesting parts of our discussion had to do with whether or not the younger generation men could give up their relatively balanced family lives if a major change forced them to. They reluctantly would, but with the same reservations that Homer Jones spoke of…namely that you do what you have to do to provide for your family first and foremost…then you try to regain lost time and balance.
The middle generation has had an extended period of time without life spoiling events. We in the middle are blessed in deed and we may or may not live to see our children enjoy the same peace. As Homer spoke about the depression…I know it happened and my father grew up during that time…but I really don’t know what extreme poverty and hopelessness would feel like. There are many who expect trials of that scope to be in our future, maybe not for the Boomers, X’ers or Millennials…but certainly one of the near future generations.
What do you think? Is your generation of men living a balanced family life with work or are you in a whirlwind? Add you thoughts to the Blog and catch the next program on July, 18th. We stream live at and of course you can hear the long version of the program on the Podcast, also at

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